Unknown Acid Problem - 3

Later in your inventory process, you come across another bottle labeled "mixed trichloroacetic and alloxanic acids". Looking up these compounds in a chemistry handbook, you find that the trichloroacetic is a strong acid and the Ka for alloxanic acid is 2.3 x 10-7.

Use the Virtual Lab to determine the concentrations of the two acids in this bottle. Summarize your findings in the spaces provided bellow the Virtual Lab interface. The error for both values must be under 10%.

You can submit your answers up to three times. If all three answers are incorrect then you will be given a new problem and you can keep going. Enjoy your work!
Please be aware that reloading the page will result in having to start a new problem.

Write a report of your experiment(s) as a separate document. Be sure and include a complete record of your actions in the written report. A sample report can be found here.