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ChemCollective Activities at University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Image: FlaskIn the following activities, you will be using the ChemCollective virtual laboratory. This software allows you to design and carry out your own experiments, much as you would in a real chemistry lab. This flexible simulation will run on most computers without any additional installation.

Using the Virtual Lab

    • To help you get started, please watch the this demonstration video, which describes the features and interface of the Virtual Lab. (Note: The techniques used in this video are for demonstration purposes only, we suggest using "Precise transfer mode" when completing your experiments.)

    • Windows and Macintosh users: Please use FireFox or Chrome web browser.
      Errors have been reported when using other web browsers.

    • The simulation will run on most laptops and desktops. It is currently not configured for touch-enabled devices such as tablets, ipads or phones. Support for such devices is coming soon.

    • If you have any technical trouble with the simulation initally loading on your page, often refreshing the page or restarting your browser will solve most issues. You can also for additional assistance.


After reviewing the introductory movie above, please click a link below to begin the activity.

Please if you have any technical problems with the activity.

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