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Some of the programs that you'll find on this page are targetted as lecture tools (interactive figures), while others are intended for use as homework supplements. We hope that you'll make the most out of each, and enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

General Applets

Virtual Chemistry Laboratory

Here's your chance to mix chemicals without wearing safety goggles. You won't spill any acid on the spectrometer in this lab. Choose solutions from the vast database and mix 'em together till the cloned cows come home. Marvel as the chemical solutions react in real time.

Special Topic Applets

Acclimatization on Mt. Everest

To get to the top of the mountain before winter arrives, students must derive an equation that relates the necessary amount of hemoglobin to the partial pressure of oxygen at the current and next camp.


One of the first numerical problems encountered in introductory chemistry is that of "limiting reagents". This applet serves as a supplement to such calculations, providing imagery that helps students see beyond a route mathematical procedure.
See also: Equilibrium

Periodic Table

What chemistry software package would be complete without a periodic table?

Internal Combustion Engine Simulator

A simulation of a 4-stroke internal combustion engine in a highly interactive multimedia environment.

Why Things Have Color

Here, the particle-in-a-box model of quantum mechanics is placed in a context of light absorption by materials to tie together several fundamental and complex concepts of chemistry in a much simpler, graphical environment.


Building upon our Stochiometry applet we present chemical reaction that do not go to completion.

Spectroscopic Simulator

This applet simulates an infra-red spectrometer, allowing students to adjust the experimental and molecular parameters and observe the effects on the infra-red spectrum. (For Junior Level--Physical Chemistry)

Statistical Mechanical Simulator

The Statistical Mechanics Simulator allows students to create a multi-level quantum mechanical system and explore the partition function and thermodynamic properties. (For Junior Level--Physical Chemistry)

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